Tuesday, October 09, 2012

AMD AppZone Player (Android emulator for x86)

AMD AppZone Player, Powered by BlueStacks is able to connect to Android user's Google Play accounts and run Android-targeted software on a Windows-based desktop, laptop or tablet. Similar to the Wine compatibility layer - which allows Windows applications to be run on Linux - the emulation is invisible to the user, although not every Android package is guaranteed to work.

There’s also native support for AMD’s OpenGL drivers as used in the company’s APUs and GPUs, along with support for Cloud Connect. That works with an app on your Android phone to allow your computer to sync apps and SMS, and run software on your phone on your PC’s display.

You can download the player directly from here ( Once installed, you can click the home page button to get the player home screen. From there, discovering new apps is easy! You can use the top buttons to browse recommended apps, use the search button to find apps across app stores or click one of the suggested apps along the right side that are recommended based on the apps you have previously downloaded.

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