Friday, September 21, 2012

Apple iOS 6.0 update

iOS 6.0 was just released to the public a few days ago on the 19th September 2012 and Apple's servers must have been hammered by the millions if not billions of Apple iDevices in the market now trying to update to the new OS. I decided to wait out a little (a few hours :p) to update my iPhone and saying that the update took roughly 30 minutes to download and update.

My main concern when I decided to go through with the update was with battery drain and performance due to my past update experience with updating the firmware on the old iPhone 3G, how it virtually became unusable. Surprisingly after having completed the update, my iPhone 4 was still running the same as the first day I got it. Anyway I was excited with iOS 6 with its new maps service (with their collaboration with TomTom) and the new Passbook app.

Went straight to the AppStore to update all of the Apps to take advantage of any iOS 6 specific offerings. I found that the new AppStore was a little glitchy and that could be due to its new iteration of the AppStore or it could not cope with the volume of users doing the same. When I tried out the new Passbook app, it took me to the AppStore to show Passbook specific apps but unfortunately I was greeted with a blank screen. Tried this several times throughout the day and was the same. Did a bit of googling and this is what I found.

To fix the problem just follow the steps, and the problem should vanish.

> Open Settings.
> Open General.
> Open Date & Time.
> Switch the Set Automatically setting to Off.
> Open Set Date & Time.
> Set the date to a year or two ahead.
> Go back to the Home screen and open Passbook.
> Tap the App Store button. The App Store should load.
> Download the apps you want and when finished go back to Date & Time and turn on Set Automatically.

That did it for me and hope that works for you.

Update: Both iMessage and FaceTime stopped working today. It was all ok and working when iPhone was updated but now am getting the "Waiting for Activation" message. Also when I turned did a hard reboot, my passwords were reset. Have to enter passwords for Mail, Facebook, WiFi and iTunes. Coincides with the release of the iPhone 5 today. ARGH!!!

Update 2: Push Notification is offline.

Update 3: Good news; managed to get Push Notifications working again. Bad news; had to do a full restore to get it working again. Here are the steps:

> Open Settings.
> Open General.
> Open Reset.
> Select Erase All Content and Settings.
> Confirm the erase.
> Let it reboot and select restore from iTunes or iCloud (wherever your most current backup is).
> Once the phone reboots from the restore, reinstall the apps again and everything will be back to the way it should be.

Update 4: My iPhone ran out of battery midway through a FaceTime conversation on WiFi. Plugged in the USB charging cable and when the phone was restarted, found that both iMessage and FaceTime would not work until I connected it to a mobile network (Enabled Mobile Data). After that it was ok again on WiFi.

Update 5: Have access to two separate WiFi networks normally can see both networks when I go in to the WiFi settings page but only one showed up. The other only showed up when I selected the to Forget the first network. This is not so much of a problem if you're not abroad but if you are then you're subjected to international data charges.

Update 6: Both iMessage and FaceTime broken again. For some reason it needs cellular data (mobile data) turned on for them to work. This is getting ridiculous. I'm seriously hoping Apple release a fix for all of the bugs found in this release.

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