Monday, February 13, 2012

Not all A380s are made the same

It's been awhile since I last sat in an Airbus A380. Last time I flew on an A380 was back in 2008 with Singapore Airlines. This time round it is with Lufthansa.

How do they compare to each other? They both share the same 3-4-3 seat configuration in the economy class (same class as when I flew with Singapore Airlines). They both have wide screen entertainment systems, both offering the option of USB connectivity to play your own media.

The immediate difference with Lufthansa is that they don’t have a remote to control their entertainment system called Media World. Instead the screens are resistive touchscreens. It is nice to see an airline utilising newer technology than the traditional remotes. The downside of using the resistive touchscreen is that half of the time; I would have to re-tap a few times to select my selection. Another is that even through their seats feels slightly more comfortable than Singapore Airlines’ eco class seats, they do feel slightly narrower in width and leg room. Website SeatGuru confirms this (Singapore vs. Lufthansa).

Anyway Lufthansa’s crew were friendly on the long-haul flight and were very helpful when asked for assistance. One thing the airline could do to improve their service is offer toilet amenities that most airlines offer as standard.

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