Friday, November 25, 2011

Bugaboo Bee Plus Shimmying Front Wheels

Statement from Bugaboo...

We have learned that some Bugaboo Bee customers are experiencing difficulties with the manoeuvrability of their stroller's front wheel, caused either by the effect of ‘shimmying' wheels.

Shimmy is an effect that can occur on swivel wheels in general. The vibration – so-called shimmying – of swivel wheels can be experienced in strollers but also in other everyday equipment, such as wheelchairs and grocery trolleys. There are several circumstances that can cause a swivel wheel to shimmy, for instance speed, the surface of the road and the load on the wheel suspension. The shimmying of swivel wheels is a recognised challenge in industries that use swivel wheels.

Our engineers, however, have found that if you place washer rings on the pin of your stroller's chassis this will stop the shimmying effect. These washer rings can nevertheless experience regular wear and tear which means that over time they would need to be replaced. For this reason we have produced a service set with 3 pairs of washer rings. Please contact our service department if you are experiencing shimmying wheels. They will send you a service set "washer rings for swivel wheels', at no cost.

For an instruction on how to place the washer rings please click here. A user instruction is also included in the service set.

It is our prime focus to make sure you can use your Bugaboo Bee to your utmost satisfaction and that you will soon continue to have a smooth ride with your Bugaboo Bee.

Well that's their official statement on their own website (

Just got off the phone for the third time with Bugaboo Service Department to let them know that their resolution to the shimmying issue is still not resolved. First time I had rung them, they sent me the washer rings set and that it did fix the issue for a little while. The problem returned when we switch the seat around from rear to forward facing. Rung them up again and they sent the replacement wheels and another set of washer rings.

This is the problem I have...

Note: This is just a video that I had found on YouTube which exhibits the same issue as I have.

I had followed everything as shown on the illustration above and first try when we took the stroller out, it was shimmying much more than the original wheels. So third time rung them and they said that I had to attached two sets of rings to each wheel. I asked her where on the illustration does it show that you needed two washer rings per wheel, even pointing out that on picture number 3 of their own instruction sheet it shows just the one ring.

Their response was that on the top right hand corner of picture 3, it shows the 2x in the picture and that's why you need two washer rings per wheel. Now I'm sure that Bugaboo themselves don't employ donkeys (even though they released a new dual stroller with the same name), but I'm pretty sure that the 2x means that the same operation had to be carried out on the two front wheels with just a washer each and not two. Their own video on the website doesn't even show this!

Video from

Anyway I've asked them to arrange one of their managers to call me back to discuss this issue. Not pleased with this product from a well praised brand and company.

Update: Well as Bugaboo promised, they did call me back only for me to explain the above again to them. They said that they will have to speak to their department heads first before they can discuss resolution and to call me back in a few days.

Update 2: They are sending another set of replacement wheels as the set received earlier could be faulty so they are hoping that this will resolve the issue. He also said that Bugaboo does not know what else they can do if the fault is still there. Well very simple actually... A FULL REFUND!

Update 3: Have to say that after the third set of replacement wheels, the Bee+ is now ok. No more shimmying... well that could also be due to our baby growing up and added more weight to the stroller. Still it is a faulty design and really needs to be addressed.

Update 4: Well... Actually the shimmying is back. The real problem is the lack of weight on the front wheels. That's what causing the Bee+ to shimmy. You don't get this issue with other "cheaper" strollers so don't be fooled by the brand. It's still rubbish!

Update 5: It seems that Bugaboo has been continuously looking into fixing this issue and have just developed a new durable metal wave washer to restore the manoeuvrability and smooth ride of the Bee stroller. Check their post here ( or order the new metal wave washers here ( It's going to take 2-3 weeks so if your Bee is still shimmying with either the new wheels or the plastic velcro type washer rings I would order the new set and give them a try.

Update 6: Have been using the metal wave washers for a week now and seems to work well. Advise all Bee owners to get them!

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