Friday, August 26, 2011

Review of YouFrame Canvas

This is another that's similar to my last post where this voucher was too bought from the Groupon website. This time round the offer is from YouFrame Canvas. I had bought this back in April 2011 and had gone for the 20 inch x 30 inch print which valued at £69.99 for £19. I ended up upgrading that to a slightly larger 20 inch x 40 inch print for a panoramic photo that I've been meaning to print.

On their website it had stated that due to the high demand, their production lead times are at the least 21 working days for standard voucher orders. I had submitted my order on the 4th of July and as of this post, I still have not received anything nor have I received any emails/status updates with regards to my print. The funny thing was that YouFrame Canvas was doing the same promotion via Groupon around mid July so why have they not contacted me with a status update?!

Anyone else having the same issue with YouFrame Canvas?

Update 1: Called their support number and managed to get my order printed and it arrived today. Problem? They gave me the right print but had given me the wrong frame sizes. Received a 20 inch x 30 inch frame instead of a 20 inch x 40 inch frame. Looks like they will be getting another call tomorrow.

Update 2: Called their support number again and they are going to send out the correct size frame. Awesome! Can't wait now to get the whole thing set up and get it hanged.

Update 3: Correct frames now received. Problem? The canvas is slightly too short by 2 cm to make it wrap properly. Sigh... I'll just leave it at that. I guess that's the problem with DIY frames rather than standard wooden made frames. Would I do this again? NOPE!

Update 4: Didn't notice it before but just realised that the image printed is much darker than the original sent. Which picture did I send in for printing? Light enhanced version of this one from my trip to Copenhagen.