Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Review of Contemporary Acrylics UK

A while ago Contemporary Acrylics UK was offering an A4 sized acrylic photo print which valued at £119.95 for £19.95 on the discount website Groupon. Being a photographer enthusiast by hobby and have never printed anything before I took a punt and bought the voucher at that advertised price.

I had chosen the photo I wanted to print and uploaded the image onto their website. I was then prompted to select what type of fittings I would like. It was either the screws spaces & finishing caps or the soft double-sided approved tape attachment. I went for the screws spaces & finishing caps which is standard look for what you would have for an acrylic print. That was an additional £7.95 to the cost. The "Approved" double-sided tape was £4.95. WHAT?! No where on the Groupon offer page did it say that there will be an additional cost of fittings. Then there was the postage and handling that was additional £9.95. So all in all it costs £37.85.

That was ok because from reviews on their website, one said that "Fantastic products the really show off our images". So four weeks by and then I got an email from the C A U K Production Team saying that with the original image sent and the fittings type selected, some textual parts of the image will end up being covered by the fittings locator. That was fine. I quickly sent back another image for processing instead.

A month later the finished product arrived and I have to say that I was deeply disappointed in the quality and finishing of the print. Looking closely at the print, you can tell that it was printed with a cheap inkjet printer as with cheap inkjet printers once printed, it shows where each line was printed as it overlaps in each row and the overall image was fuzzy and exhibiting a greenish hue which wasn’t on the original image.

On their website it states that "C A U K are continuously researching new and exciting manufacturing technologies, which enables us to provide unique and innovative printing systems. We have recently invested in key production machinery, which has enabled us to further increase our efficiency and produce a higher end product to all of our clients."

Anyway for the price (even discounted) and the appalling quality, needless to say that I will not be using their services or recommending them to anyone in the future. If you looking into printing an acrylic print, either get professionals to do it or you might as well buy a DIY kit and do it yourself. Even using a standard colour laser printer to print is better than what was received.

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