Monday, April 18, 2011

iOS 4.3.2 App Store bug

Not long ago Apple released a new firmware update to its newer generation of iDevices. iOS 4.3.2 installed without any issues over 4.3.1. In fact, I did notice a little speed increase. Today while applying updates via the App Store, there was one download that wasn't updating because a) I'm on 3G and not a WiFi connection, b) The update was over 20Mb in size; a restriction imposed by Apple on downloading data while on a non-WiFi network.

Usually it would just show you a notification and then that be it but instead, iOS 4.3.2 tries to download it anyway. But without any luck due to the 3G connection, it just stays there in the "Loading" mode all time. I've already restarted the phone thinking that it may reset its status but nope, it is still showing Loading. Better still, the app that I am trying to update was residing in a folder. My guess is that because of the restart, it is now sitting outside of the folder. Imagine if you're updating a bucket load of huge apps on a 3G connection... You be screwed!

As always, thanks Apple! No doubt it's going to drain the battery until it is able to download the update. :(