Friday, February 25, 2011

Ultimate Ears

These days whenever you buy a new mobile phone, it is almost guaranteed that it will come supplied with a set of earphones. As for the quality of the supplied earphones I think most will agree that they are low quality earphones. Even those white ones (I won't mention the name but comes with most devices made by a certain fruit brand) are of low quality earphones. If you want to get a slightly better listening experience from the same maker, you'll need to fork out another £66 (as of March 2011) for their in-ear earphones. Even if you just want to replace the existing set, it will set you back £26 (as of March 2011).

Now, I'm not a huge audiophile but about a year ago after having endure terrible earphones that came supplied with my smartphone, I'd decided to purchase a new set, but wasn't sure which to go for. There was so many to choose from like Bose, Klipsch, Shure, Beats etc. I just wanted a set that retained the same functionality of the supplied earphones where it has a microphone, iPhone (oops :p) controls and the obvious better sound quality.

I set out to do some research by reading up loads of reviews from various forums and such. I think in conclusion from my research, which ever you decide to get, it will definitely be better than what's supplied. If you want the best then you'll have to pay for it. The prices range from £100 region to ridiculous amounts. All just for a phone... OMG!!! When I found out it was that, I'd decided to just stick to my trusty Sony MDR-EX71SL which I've been using for some years now.

So anyway, one day I came across the Ultimate Ears SuperFi 5 vi Noise Isolating earphones and I couldn't believe that it was on sale. It was one of the earphones that I was reading up reviews on and being that it was within my budget now, I quickly snapped it up. Upon receiving the earphone, it came with a set silicon earbuds of various sizes, a noise cancelling earpiece, and a carry case in the package. After trying and adjusting the earbuds I put on some tracks and was a little disappointed with the quality of the audio. Even though it was a lot clearer, I found the bass side of it was quite poor and was just too weak. But decided to keep anyway.

Recently I asked Logitech (who acquired Ultimate Ears back in 2008 for USD$34 million!!!) to see if I can get a set of the silicon earbuds because I was starting to have issues with them. After a long use, they always keep falling out and on one occasion one of the earbud got stuck in the ear when I pulled it out. WHAT?!

Anyway to my surprise, Logitech sent them out without asking any reasons or any given even. Free of charge as well! When the new earbuds arrived, I noticed that they were quite different to the one that came with when bought. They now have a little ridge inside to lock in place. So anyway tried them on and was very very surprised by the difference, even compared to the original earbuds. The bass is back! Well not huge but for me was at an acceptable level and it sounded so much better. I can't believe that I've been leaving these earphones at home for the last few weeks. Man, have I missed you... LOL!

If you're an owner of one the 5vi then I recommend you to give Logitech a call to get a replacement set of earbuds.

Friday, February 11, 2011

X-Men: First Class - Official Trailer

There seems to be quite a few good movies coming out in the next few months. One that I'm kind off looking forward to is X-Men: First Class. Below is the official trailer for it. Hope the quality is like of other X-Men movies other than X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lost iPhone? - Lost passwords!

That remote wipe sure does come in handy if you're absolutely sure that you've lost your phone.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Happy Chinese Lunar New Year

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