Monday, January 31, 2011

Quidco vs. TopCashBack

Shopping online is already at its cheapest compared to buying items in person in the stores. The main problem when shopping online is that you don't get to try before you buy which at times can be quite difficult as it may sometimes introduce more issues than buying from in store. But if you're an online shopper, you get the best prices on items as sometimes they may include an additional discount that may be web-only.

Well here in the UK, we have a few websites that offer cashback services to online shoppers where if visit their website first before you proceed to your online retailer to buy something, if they are affiliated, you can get an additional cashback percentage on your entire purchase. It effectively is a delayed discount applied. The best thing is that if you shop around both online and offline, you already know that online retailers offer better pricing compared to in store purchase on most items and with the cashback services, you get an even better deal and cheaper than advertised.

The two cashback services that I know of are Quidco and Top CashBack. I've been a member of both services for a while now but am more active on Quidco and I have to say that their service has been pretty good from the beginning. The only issue I've been having as of late is that purchases haven't been tracking at all and that could just be the heavy load during the holiday periods. If in the event that a transaction hasn't tracked then you need to raise an enquiry with Quidco and it could take up to 80 days before it is resolved.

That can be quite a real hassle if all of your transactions for the last 4 months haven't been tracking at all. I've contacted Quidco support team and it looks like they are replying with their standard responses that there hasn't been any changes at their end and so must be the user's problem if they've made any changes to their settings/ computer or anything and also to clear your cache etc. every single time you visit their website. Their second response was to switch to a different computer before visiting website.

So with that I've been trialling out Top CashBack and for the last few weeks I have to say that Top CashBack have tracked all activities that I've made through their website and they also send you an email when something is tracked. The best thing about their website is that they provide the same service as Quidco but even better that they also provide the facility to test your current internet browser if it is working on their website. Something which I think Quidco should have done. Should I mention that their service is FREE also where Quidco takes £5 per year for membership fee! It is safe to say that I'll be making the switch over to Top CashBack as soon as all of my outstanding transactions at Quidco are resolved.

From what others have said, both services have their issues from time to time but if you were to ask me which is best? I would recommend Top CashBack.

Update: Been having quite a lot of issues with Top Cashback since mid 2011. Pretty much 2 in 3 trackings needs to be submitted as a Missing Cashback Claim which is really a pain especially it takes months and months to get any update and cashback. Don't trust the statistics that they have on the site. Would I recommend TCB again? Probably not. Started using Quidco again. At least they track!

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