Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Review of Best Cleaning London

Are you moving and you need to get the flat/house professionally cleaned? Well if I were you I would NOT call Best Cleaning London.

According to their "End of tenancy" cleaning package these are the items that they will clean.
* Remove all grease and grime
* Clean inside/outside all kitchen cupboards and drawers
* Clean sink and taps
* Steam inside/outside your microwave, oven, fridge/freezer
* Clean and wipe all kitchen surfaces and contents
* Clean washing machine, washing machine drawer, dishwasher
* Clean and mop floor with no smears
* Clean tops of kitchen cupboards' doors
* Clean all light switches, door handles, picture rails
* Clean lights, light fittings
* We leave no smears on any surface
* Shower screen de-scaled, cleaned and polished
* Wall tiles de-scaled, cleaned and polished
* Bath, sink, taps, shower and fittings cleaned, dried and polished
* Toilet de-scaled and brushed cleaned
* Mirrors cleaned and polished
* Floors washed and polished. If carpet - hoovered
* Clean and polish all door frames and window ledges
* Clean all skirting boards and radiators, tops of doors
* Vacuum all carpets and mop hardwood floors leaving no smears -
* Move all furniture for carpet cleaning - clean all light switches, door handles, picture rails
* Lights, light fittings - clean and dust all furniture, mirrors, pictures

They got there early in the mornings and were told that they would finish around 2pm that day. The cleaners brought in the carpet cleaning equipments and all sorts of cleaning agents to clean the property. Before I had left I had told the cleaners about the cobwebs at the corners of the walls and ceillings that will need to be cleaned.

When I got back later that afternoon, I noticed that they weren't cleaned at all. This time the owner of the business was there to inspect the job of his cleaners so I told him about them and he told the cleaners to remove them. The property was cleaned well, especially the carpets. Further inspection I found that there were other areas that wasn't cleaned at all so had to point them out again to the owner.

When I showed him that the washing mashine wasn't cleaned, he poked his finger at the grim and said that cannot be cleaned. I was shocked to hear such rubbish from a professional cleaner. I mean is he a total idiot? Him being a professional cleaner is telling me that cannot be cleaned when all it needs is abit of elbow work to do it.

In the smaller bedroom, the blinds in this room wasn't cleaned at all. There were still ample of dust of them. Again had to point this out to be cleaned.

Everything else was cleaned to an ok standard that I would expect if I was to do them myself so fine. The marks on the walls wasn't cleaned at all. He kept saying that there would be damage if they were to remove them. Well again... that would be a 50/50 on that. I mean if you use soapy water you on a soft cloth you can easily remove them.

He was in a such a hurry to leave and had asked me to pay him half and the other half to the cleaners when they leave so fine cya later... The cleaners remained for the next 20-30 mins or so to do any final cleaning. One of the areas by the kitchen wasn't cleaned as it was still covered with grime and dust so had to tell them to clean that as well. When they left I remained to do a final final check.

Here is the crunch. I noticed that one of the blinds in the bigger bedroom was damaged. The whole mechanism is damaged and so the blinds will not lock in position and just drop to the floor. I rang the owner and he said he will contact me back after contacting the cleaners.

Well... no news at all. Left a few voicemails on his phone throughout the week and no calls. So called his office this time and as soon as he heard who was calling, his voice just dropped. I asked him what was the outcome and if he will replace, fix or pay up for the damaged caused. Through out the phone call I had to argue with him that it was his cleaners that damaged it and he basically would not accept responsibility for the damage. He had the audacity to accuse me that it was me who damaged the blinds. Will see what the lawyers say about this.

Oh Steve Kochev, definitely not the best cleaning company in London!

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