Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Review of Chisun Grand Akasaka, Tokyo

When we got back to Tokyo, we went to Akasaka to find our hotel. Upon arriving at the hotel we were told that we were too early to check in so we decided to leave our bags there and return later in the afternoon. Fair enough. Some hotels let you check-in early and some don't. No worries.

When I arrived back at the hotel in the afternoon though I was told that there were only the one non-smoking and one smoking room available of the two rooms' reservations. Yep you read it right. They told me that their non-smoking rooms are allocated on first come first serve basis and these are the only rooms available. So I told them that I had reserved these rooms two-three months ago and was greeted with the same response. They then told me that they did open the windows in the smoking room and have sprayed air fresheners throughout to freshen up the room so I decided to take a look at the room first. When walked in the room was still quite the stinko that it was when it was classified as a smoking room.

Not pleased about this I went back to the reception and told them that I wanted two non-smoking rooms as reserved. Initially they were trying to accuse me of booking smoking rooms instead and if I walked out that day they would not refund me the payment. Furiously I quickly jumped online to the original company I had booked these rooms to retrieve my reservation details and showed them that I had booked for non-smoking rooms.

Completely lost in translation I then proceeded to call the reservation company, to resolve this issue. I explained the situation to them and the funny thing is that they too tell me that I had not reserved non-smoking rooms. They were accusing me of lying and I was just flabbergasted. They were telling me that when reserving these rooms, the option for non-smoking was not available and that if it was a special request then it is up to the discretion of the hotel establishment to provide these requests. After 10 minutes of explaining and for the most part arguing, I hung up and had enough of that company.

The hotel staff then approached me with a note saying that the two non-smoking rooms that I had originally requested are now available. WTF!!! Luckily it was just for the one night! If I had decided to pay slightly more I could have booked with Park Hotel Tokyo which would have had a completely stress free atmosphere. I did asked them if there is anything they could do to smoothen the earlier situation by providing complimentary breakfast in their café or something but instead was told that the café is not part of their hotel which again was a pack of lies.

When the others arrived, we checked-in to our non-smoking rooms. We went out for dinner and managed to get some sleep in the cubic room booked.

This was by far the worst hotel that I had booked for our trip to Japan and would definately not recommend it and also not recommend booking with because if there is a problem with your reservation they would not accept any responsibility with it. You are better off booking with!

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