Thursday, July 15, 2010

Performance of OS4 on iPhone 3G

Gosh this is sooo true!!!

Uploaded yesterday to YouTube by user adamburtle, with the idea that subsequent iPhone software/firmware updates and apps galore have drastically reduced the productivity of the device's original—and most important—features, the video shows that replicating a 28-second commercial with more current hardware/software is not as easy as one may think.

Here's the full description...

"As a generally happy Apple customer, I bought two 2G iPhones on the first day they hit the market (one for myself and one for my romantic partner at the time). When the 3G came out, I bought that model too.

The first iPhone captivated the world because the interface was so well done, so snappy, so interactive; it was like nothing before it. Of course it was, it was an Apple product. That, right there, is why I buy Apple products. And I didn't even mind that it was missing "copy and paste," MMS, ringtones, etc - because I knew Apple would eventually get to these through software updates. And eventually they did. Unfortunately they kept coming out with new phones. With faster processors. And they wrote all their software updates for these phones, with little attention to deprecated models. I don't really use third party software on my phones, I honestly don't even use ringtones. I just my phone for SMS, web, maps, and occasionally as an actual phone, so the 3G model was more than I ever needed.

Except over time, it's fulfilled my needs less and less. And it's not because my needs have grown. It's not because I've installed a bunch of laggy software. It's because Apple's firmware has become bloated, with respect to the processing power of the 3G iPhone. I just installed iOS 4 two weeks ago, and at this point, I'd be happy to roll back to the first firmware I ever had, just to have that original speed again; forget about the copy and paste, I don't need it that badly.

So, tongue firmly in cheek, I decided to compare my phone to the first iPhone commercial that Apple ran. That commercial lasted twenty-eight seconds. How long will my phone take for the same tasks?"

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