Wednesday, June 02, 2010

What's with Google "borrowing" my photos for Google Maps?

Right here is an interesting one... About a month ago or so I had uploaded a whole bunch of photos of my trip to Tokyo and Hiroshima to Google Picasa. Picasa not long ago introduced a feature that displays the number of views of your photo online so was a surprise to see the number of views shot up to 400+ in the short duration which for me is rather high. The only places where I promote my photos are on Facebook and my blog at most so was just rather intrigued.

Another thing I had noticed was a red marker just by the views and so when I clicked on it, it loaded up my image in Google Maps in 3D mode among other photos taken around that region by others. The thing is that I never gave Google my permission to share my photos on other applications aside from what Picasa provides so why is my photo on Maps?

Either way I have mixed feelings about this. I am glad that my photos are more visible now that it is on Maps too but at the same time Google should respect the rights of the photos before it is being used. I mean the photos are set to "All rights reserved" when displayed so does that not mean anything to Google?

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