Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Review of NIKEiD

About a month ago I'd decided to buy a new pair of Nike shoes and not just an ordinary pair off the shelf. I jumped online and went through the NIKEiD website to select the pair I had wanted and customised it. The selection process and website is actually quite straight forward and easy to follow. In a mere 20 or so minute I had a shoe with custom selected colours suited to my liking.

Now whenever you're buying clothing or apparel online, you always have to be wary of its sizes especially if it is customised as you only get the one chance to order. Once it is made, that is yours full stop.

So I popped into the Nike Town @ Oxford Street, London to try on for size just to make sure. Just as well I did because when I went there and saw the base model of the shoe that I had designed earlier, I didn't like it at all. Which is weird because design wise it was great when shown in the NIKEiD website. So I went on to try something else and saw the Air Max+ 2009. Tried it on for size and it didn't quite fit my feet. When asked about the shoe, I was told that if you customise it you can make it wider which may be a solution to my problem.

Jumped back onto one of their NIKEiD computers there (there were iMac 21.5-inch models btw) and selected that pair of shoe to customise. Again, it didn't take longer than 20 minutes to customise and then paid for on the spot. You get a confirmation email stating that your design have been submitted on the day of purchase then about two weeks later you get another stating that they are about to start making it. About a week after that you get another stating that they have completed the customised shoes and are on its way to you. You also get a tracking number to follow where the shoe originated from and its progress to you. For me I had selected for them to be picked up at the store so got another email stating that it had arrived and ready for pickup.

Tried them on the spot and fair to say that they are very comfy and with that wide fit, it suited me just right. The overall colours matched what was on the screen so safe to say that what you see on screen will be on your final product. So all in all I give NIKEiD 10 out of 10 for its ease of use, ordering process and quality of final product.

I thoroughly recommend it if you're thinking of customising a pair of Nike shoes for yourself.

Selection Process

Final Shoe

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