Thursday, June 03, 2010

Need for Speed: World beta Review

I've recently signed up and have been accepted in to the Need for Speed: World beta program and last night was the first time trying it out. What are my initial impressions? Yeehaw... They finally put Need for Speed back on the map. It feels like you're back into the NFS classic gameplay which I love.

For the last few iterations of the Need for Speed franchise, they have been met with disappointment and utter disgrace of how can a company can mangle such a great franchise. NFS ProStreet was probably the first one that made the change and it was rubbish. Tried it and didn't like it. NFS Undercover in my view was their first attempt to get back into the classic style gameplay but failed miserably. I bought it, played it and finished it within four days. Replayability? None. Hated it. Not even close to the classic styles. NFS Shift was slightly better as for me it felt more like Gran Turismo which was ok really but still doesn't capture the Need for Speed spirit.

Now with Need for Speed: World, it was a whole lot better. It's good to see a game going back to its roots and giving its fans what they wanted all along. I have to say playing this style of game online sure does have its moments and also it is still in beta after all. So apart from gameplay, which is superb btw, what else did I think of the beta?

- Cars was disappearing all over or reappearing and colliding with everyone. Obviously this meant the gameplay wasn't smooth at all and was rather distracting at most times.
- Graphics wise was quite bad. Even on my new system. Obviously this is due an online game but I'm pretty sure that it did download about 1.5GB worth of data for the game. Maybe that was the engine and the bare basics graphics?
- A few of the options weren't there for the controls especially if you want to remap the keyboard buttons to a gamepad for example. You can't do that at the moment.
- Multiplayer funnily enough didn't work for me. When I tried joining a multiplayer race, it booted me back into Windows when everyone was ready to race. Don't know what's going on there but single player races worked fine.

Apart from the above issues I still think this game has potential and would really love it if they upped the graphics and gameplay.

If you wish to sign up to the beta program goto this website (

Update: Multiplayer worked for me last night.

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