Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Dramas of a new computer

When you buy a new computer, usually means also a new OS; that's if there is one available. Having been using Windows XP since the first day it was released almost 10 years ago switching to a different OS can be a whole new experience and it sure has its pros and cons. Windows Vista was released 3 years ago and even though I had purchased a license to install it, I never did because it is utter rubbish! LOL! At that time I was still using the same hardware and found that installing and using Vista was more of a pain than it's worth. With the introduction of UAC and all sorts of popups every click just made the user experience worse. So stuck to XP instead and even though it has its moments it is still quite a reasonable OS especially moving from Windows 3.1. OMG...

Now that Windows 7 is out, it sure is a major upgrade to what Vista was and Microsoft sure have corrected a lot of the user experience issues since Vista. Just have to tidy up the files migration abit to fit the new OS and reinstall the applications used in the last PC which could take some time. Make sure iTunes is working and all files are still there when moved, etc.

The thing is that with new OS comes new support for hardware or the lack of for legacy hardware. One of which is my trusty Logitech QuickCam® Messenger™ (V-UBC40). Logitech no longer supports this webcam and have stopped support since Vista. There were multiple ways to get it working on Vista but only seems to work on 32-bit platforms and since I had installed Windows 7 64-bit edition, there was no luck with the webcam. Though funnily enough, after installing Windows XP Mode in Windows 7, I was able to get the webcam going. Although it is abit of a hassle to have to start up XP mode just to jump into Skype or Messenger for video chats.

Anyway just to let you know that you can do it. Either way I have ordered a Microsoft LifeCam Cinema and hopefully Microsoft should provide a better legacy support for their hardware than Logitech when we get up to Windows 8 or whatever they are calling the next OS.

You can download Windows XP Mode here (

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