Friday, June 04, 2010

BlinkBox review

Here is my review of BlinkBox, the online service that allows you to stream or download premium movies and TV shows on the web. A few months back just around when Avatar was just released on DVD and Bluray, there was offer of a £10 credit when you sign on to BlinkBox that was floating around. I think they had Avatar for sale around £8+ or something. Even though I've already ordered Avatar on Bluray, I went on to sign up to the offer to see what else they had.

First of all they have certainly a big collection of movies and TV shows available. Some you have to pay to own or rent and also free. The free stuffs are quite dated but nonetheless still worthwhile to catch up on old shows to relive the nostalgia.

I ended up getting Halo Legend and Star Trek X (the latest one) as Star Trek was on offer. Two movies for less than £10 are not bad at all. They give you the option of watching online providing three different settings of quality and also the option to download to your computer. If you choose to download though the file you get is a DRM (Digital Rights Management) file meaning it is protected and you'll need to acquire a license to be able to watch it offline.

Fair enough... A few weeks ago I'd posted about my new computer. Well, when I tried to watch Halo Legend last night, I was prompted with an error where I was unable to acquire a new license to watch on my PC. I was stumped. Surely the license is for the owner and not by individual PC right? I mean if you own the DVD or Bluray, surely you're not just going to play it on the one player right?

So I sent them an email about it prompting the error I was receiving stating I was trying to watch it on my new computer. Next thing you know, I get a reply saying that they've added additional licenses to my purchased movies and should be able to watch again. Will definitely give that a try later today and thanks for doing that.

I know there are ways to remove the DRM and this is not the right place to discuss it but since I purchased that license, I should be able to watch it on any computer I own. Just like if you own the physical media.

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