Thursday, May 06, 2010

Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty available for pre-order

We've been waiting a long time now for a new Starcraft game and Blizzard has finally delivered. It is due out around the end of July this year (2010) so am quite looking forward to it. I'm certainly pre-ordering my copy but am not sure if my current PC can handle it. It is abit dated after all. Blizzard is releasing two versions of this game which comes in a standard edition and a Collector's Edition. No suprise there.

If you get the standard edition, you basically get the game only. Where if you get the collector's edition, you get a load of additional bits to make it the Collector's Edition.

The inventory of the Collector's Edition:
- Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty Game
- The Art of Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty
- Jim Raynor "Dog Tag" USB drive incl. original Starcraft Anthology
- Wings of Liberty Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes DVD:
- Starcraft Comic Issue #0
- Collector's Edition Soundtrack
- Exclusive In-Game World of Warcraft Pet
- Exclusive Battle.Net Downloadable Content

For more details on the Collector's Edition check out Blizzard's website.

Amazon actually have the game now in pre-order stage so if I were you I would jump at the opportunity to secure one before it solds out. Standard Edition @ £29.91, Collector's Edition @ £69.99 Standard Edition @ USD$59.99, Collector's Edition @ $99.99

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