Thursday, May 06, 2010

Sony PlayStation 3 Firmware 3.30 Update

Sony have decided to remove the OtherOS option from the PS3 firmware that due to all the hacking that's been done by GeoHot and others in the PS3 community; thus disabling you from installing any Linux OSes on the system. This came into effect since firmware 3.21. So most were stuck on the previous version 3.15 and weren't able to sign into the PSN until you update. For some, there are arguments stating that the OtherOS was a selling feature of the original system and thus lots of people are not very happy with this change.

For some who were luckily enough to get a refund due to the change, I couldn't be bothered since I doubt Tesco (where I bought mine) would do refunds on a system that was bought nearly 2 years ago. So I went forward and updated it to the latest version 3.30 without a hitch. I don't use the OtherOS anyway so it's no lost to me.

If you were luckily enough to get a refund from Tesco, please comment below on what you did to get the refund would be appreciated.

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