Tuesday, May 11, 2010

KFC Leicester Square branch *BARF*

Kentucky Fried Chicken has been fined. They've been fined almost £19,000. Why? Here comes one of those stories that make delicate readers dry-heave.

Inspectors found a whole bunch of grim stuff in a London branch, including, rather amusingly, a cockroach eating a chip. City of Westminster Magistrates' Court heard during an inspection at the Leicester Square branch, that the officer also discovered a dead mouse, some flies pissing about and dried chicken blood on the floor.

"There was no soap in the ground-floor food preparation room so, on the day of the inspection at least, it was not possible for food preparation staff to wash their hands properly," said Michael Goodwin, prosecuting.

District Judge Howard Riddle fined KFC £11,000 for the offences as well as ordering them to cough up £7,927.80 in costs and a victim surcharge of £15. No, we've no idea what a "victim surcharge" is either.

Nina Arnott, a spokesperson for KFC said: "These charges date back to August 2008, and as soon as we were made aware of the results of the inspection, we took immediate action to bring the restaurant back up to our strict hygiene standards. The restaurant has undergone a complete renovation, and the EHO's barrister has told the District Judge that there is no longer a concern about these premises."

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