Friday, April 16, 2010

Weekend trip to Dubrovnik, Croatia

Please don't mind me... I'm just catching up in my reviews for cities visited in the last 6 or so months. First were Dublin and now its Dubrovnik. Now for those who don't know where Dubrovnik is, it is an old city situated in Croatia on the Adriatic Sea coast. Dubrovnik was not part of my must see places as I haven't heard much of it so I did abit of research before arriving there. What I didn't know what that the city of Dubrovnik is actually part of the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites
. That excited me because one of my main criteria's for places to visit is that it a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site, a place that is of special cultural or physical significance. With that ticked I was looking forward to checking out Dubrovnik.

According to Wikipedia, the city of Dubrovnik has always been prosperous in the maritime trade and once you get there, you know that they are not far from it. The old city itself that is surrounded by the city wall and the clear blue ocean is absolutely amazing. I would definitely recommend you to climb the city wall to check out the amazing view. The waters itself is surprisingly clear able you to see all of its living creatures roaming in it. With amazingly fresh seafood and oysters that sold me on Dubrovnik.

Now within the walls itself, there are few sights to check out. Stradun is the main walkway in the Old Town, which is ~300 meters long, stretching from the Pile to Ploèe gate that is paved with marble. Another is if you do climb the city wall, you will enjoy the view of the orange rooftops in the Old Town and an amazing views of the Adriatic Sea, Fort Lovrijenac and Lokrum Island. There is a small fee for the entrance to the walls which was 50 Croation Kuna at that time, which works out to be about £6 per adult. To walk the entire outer wall takes about 2+ hours including stoppage to admire the blue ocean views and its surroundings.

Orange rooftops in the Old Town

Stradun, main walkway in the Old Town

View of Fort Lovrijenac and the Adriatic Sea

There are quite a few other sites to check out such as the Onofrio Fountain, Rector's Palace, clock tower, and also the Cathedral of Dubrovnik. There are other sights outside the outer wall of the Old Town such as the Dubrovnik bridge of Franjo Tuđman and the Port of Gruž and a more modern city but if you're there for a weekend then the Old Town would be enough to see.

If you want to try Dubrovnik's fresh seafood and oysters, you can check out a local café called Kamenice located within the Old Town. It is a very small place with only 3-4 tables inside and a few more on the outside but recommend you to go early as when you hit their lunch time, there is a long queue for it. I mean it has been regarded as the local's favourite so yeah worthwhile to try out. Quite affordable for the freshest seafood and oysters where you can order a platter of raw oysters for around £8. Now that is bargain in itself. Oh Kamenice is Croatian for oysters.

Another one to check out is Proto which is also located within the Old Town. According to Google, they were established in 1886 and are the best fish restaurant in Dubrovnik with famous patrons including Edward VIII, King of England and Mrs. Simpson. What I ordered there was the lobster spaghetti and that was beautifully cooked and was delicious!

All in all visiting Dubrovnik was a good choice and if you go there during the months of Summer, you sure won't be disappointed with your trip. For pictures taken in Dubrovnik, follow the Dubrovnik link in the snapshots area.

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