Friday, April 16, 2010

Weekend trip to Dublin, Ireland

Not too long ago... back in late August 2009... I had visited Dublin over a long weekend. Dublin being the largest city and capital of Ireland; and of course where the Guinness brewery is, it sure wasn't hard to pick as a must see weekend destination. Actually upon arriving in Dublin, for a capital, it is actually pretty small in comparison to all other major cities that I've visited before. In comparison, if you've been to Melbourne, Australia or Wellington, New Zealand then yeah it's probably around the same size. Everything is relatively reachable within walking distances and if you have a car then it would be easier to get to the outer sights. There are loads of public transports in almost every corner that can take you anywhere within the city limits anyway.

The same goes for the number of pubs/bars around Dublin which is also in almost every corner of the city, which is just absolutely fantastic! You will never feel too parched because there is always a pint of Guinness where ever you are! LOL! And I have to say the Guinness there are so much nicer than anywhere I've tasted it from. Though I have to say that I was a little bit gutted when of all the pubs that I went to, not a single one made the famous shamrock impression on the pints of Guinness that was ordered. I mean it's something that you've come to expect from every pint of Guinness ordered and this was in Ireland as well. It didn't really matter as the Guinness there was definitely the nicest tasted.

At the Guinness Storehouse where they brew the famous porter, one of the activities there is that they teach you how to pour your own pint of Guinness, which was awesome in itself. For me anyway... Though disappointingly, they didn't teach you how to make the famous shamrock impression. Anyhow, a little piece of history lesson... Did you know that the original master Arthur Guinness singed the original lease to the land where the brewery is at the moment for 9000 years for £100 back in the days? He must have been laughing all the way when it was signed.

Anyway apart from visiting the Guinness Storehouse and drinking pints and pints of Guinness, for me Dublin itself offered less of sights to check out. I mean there were quite a few other sights to check out but it didn't WOW me if you know what I mean...

For a list of other sights I had checked out you can see here in Google Maps and of course pictures are available to view here or select Dublin from the snapshots section on the right.

Map of places visited

Unfortunately here is one bad thing that I had to say about Dublin... Well not specifically Dublin but while I was there, the only time I had used my credit card was at the Guinness Storehouse and that was to make a purchase of a few Guinness affiliated items. A few weeks after returning from Dublin while I was checking my CC statements I had noticed that my credit card details was used in Ireland not only for when I was at the Guinness Storehouse but also for a purchase of a £2000+ bicycle. I'm just completely surprised that my credit card details was used to make a fraudulent purchase. Now I am not putting any particular blame on anyone but it is quite sad that for an institution such as Guinness, just when you least expect it, someone steals your credit card information right in front of you. I managed to recover the funds but still...

All in all a mixed experience for Dublin. I would definitely go back to visit Ireland as I feel there are much more to see in the rural and coastal areas. You just have to be careful of your personal details. It's not only in Asia that is bad.

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