Tuesday, March 02, 2010

PS3 Errors: 8001050F and 80029513

For those haven't heard, from the 1st of March 2010, owners of Sony's (Phat) PS3 were suffering connectivity issues with the PlayStation Network (PSN) and the main reason behind it is due to the Leap Year bug. When you turn on your PS3, the first thing you'll notice is that you're prompted with an error 8001050F and the date/time has been reset to 1st January 2000. WTF?!

When you go into the System Settings to reset the date from the internet, it says that it can't connect and therefore the only way is to change it manually and you're away. But you're still out of luck connecting to the PSN again prompting the same error code.

Checking DLCs you'll find that any unlocks that you may have purchased to unlock full games are gone and trophy information are not saved causing some games to quit expectantly. That is when you start pulling out your hair (whats left of it) and worry what happened to all of your purchases...

Good thing is that the boys and or girls were hard at it and managed to solve the issue today. Turning on your PS3 will verify that everything is back to normal. So why is this affecting the phat PS3s?! Don't know... If it is infact the Leap Year bug, I'm certain that Sony can come up with a proper firmware fix to address this issue in the future.

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