Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Weekend in Copenhagen

Earlier in the year we were delighted when asked to join a few friends to go to Copenhagen for a weekend with them. Copenhagen has always been one of the few countries that are on my list of cities to check out. So when we got there we took the opportunity to get some of their local Carlsberg beer (which is produced in Copenhagen, Denmark) at the airport and set out to find our accommodation. For the trip we ended up staying at CPH Apartments which is convenient and it’s located within the city area.

You always hear stories how visiting Denmark can be an expensive experience. So the accommodation was rather cheapish for 3D2N stay between 4 people. We checked into the apartment quite late in the evening so after a couple of beers we set out to have a look-see and a place for a quick bite.

Next day we set out to check out the sights of Copenhagen. Even though it was rather cold (-15 °Celsius and snowing!) we walked everywhere to find out sights. We started off with the Tivoli Gardens, which is a famous amusement park and pleasure garden in Copenhagen, Denmark but found out that it was closed and won’t open next till mid April. So anyway we visited a few more landmarks such as the Town Hall before we decided to go for lunch.

Tivoli Gardens

Town Hall

Now this is the funny part. We thought that Copenhagen being an expensive city we would have a cheap lunch and then go to a nice place for dinner later in the evening. So we decided to pop into their local KFC for lunch. Yep Kentucky Friend Chicken in Copenhagen. When we walked in and saw the menu we were shocked to see how expensive it was. I mean a 10 piece bucket in London is £9.99 and you get 4 side fries with that. But in Copenhagen it was roughly £40 for an 8 piece box. Once we saw that we decided to go elsewhere.

We ended up having lunch at Strøget which is where the world's longest Pedestrian Street is located. After lunch we set out to our primary sight to check out the famous Little Mermaid. Along the way we visited Nyhavn, which is a colourful 17th century waterfront, canal and popular entertainment district in Copenhagen, Denmark. Also we walked along the outer edge to the Kvæsthusgade and Larsen Plads to see the Amaliehaven, which is the garden between the Amalienborg Palace and the port of Copenhagen. From there you can see the Royal Danish Theatre, the military port as well as the ferries that are cutting through the icy river to get patrons to/from the Royal Danish Theatre and Nyhavn.

From there we walked up to the Kastellet where the Little Mermaid is located. Once we got our pictures taken we walked back to Strøget but decided to go from the city side so we can check out a few more sights. We ended up at the National Gallery (Statens Museum for Kunst), which is located at the Østre Anlæg to have a rest and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate. Because of the weather the rivers, lakes etc was completely frozen. There were a lot of locals out and about playing ice hockey on the frozen lake and sledging down the paths etc. It was sooo cool!

The Little Mermaid

Anyway later in the evening we headed off to have dinner at Karriere Bar which is located in the meatpackers’ district not far from where we were staying. So after checking out a few of little cocktail pubs around this area we headed home in a very drunk state.

Next day which is our last day we headed out to the Carlsberg brewery to find it closed because in Copenhagen on Sundays everything is closed.

Carlsberg Brewery

The only businesses that are allowed to open are cafés, restaurants etc. Even the supermarkets are closed and from what we learned was that supermarkets are allowed to open for approximately 14 Sundays a year. So yeah that’s a pretty weird rule but anyway. We headed off to where the Royal Danish Theatre was to check out the opera theatre closer, and also Christiana which is where all the druggies hang out.

Once you enter this area the locals will tell you to turn off your cameras because of all the illegal activity that goes in this area. They have essentially security guards all around Christiana patrolling the area to warn of authorities that may visit the area. After that we decided to grab a quick bite before we travel back to the airport to return to London. Due to the weather in both London and Copenhagen our flight was delayed and thought that we may be stranded in Copenhagen. With time to kill we decided to savour more of their local beers and luckily the weather cleared up and we were on our way.

To check out the pictures taken during our trip to Copenhagen check out the Copenhagen link in the snapshots section.

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