Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Post Office UK

Here is a morning rant... I was left a parcel collection card at my address yesterday and on the card it had said that the parcel has been taken to my local Post Office branch. So when I popped into my local posty this morning while it was snowing outside, I was told that the parcel hasn't actually arrived at their branch yet and it would probably be there late afternoon today.

So OK when they told me that I left and went to work. I was kind of hoping that maybe I would be able to catch the delivery company before they drop it off at the posty so that they can drop it off at my address today as someone would be there to sign for it.

Well to my surprise when I rang the delivery company they had told me that the parcel had in fact ARRIVED at the posty and it was signed for at 5:06pm the day previous. When I heard that I was furious. First thing was why would the person who served me at the posty lie to me? I mean, I'm taking time out of my busy day to go to the posty to collect this parcel, which I will have to make up the time for. When I rang up their Post Office branch (after listening to the long automated service call), they told me that the parcel IS THERE.

I mean WTF?! The reason Post Office gave me was that it was delivered and signed for yesterday by one of their staff but it hadn't been processed into their system yet. HUH? The person that served me did go into the back room (where all the parcels are) and check for the parcel that I came to collect and so did he not see it in the first place? They then told me that I would have to either come in to collect it or they will simply post it back to the delivery company and let them solve the situation.

I mean WOW! Talk about shifting blame here. How fracking incompetent are you POST OFFICE UK?! I would have been easier to except that it was your fault and get the item sent back out to the delivery address or include it in your delivery run later in the day. Is it not that simple? Why do you want to make it as if it's my fault for coming in on your opening time to collect a parcel?

Bunch of lazy fracking gits! Do your job right and stop complaining about not enough pay/bonuses. Then the general public might praise you instead of moaning of appalling service that you are providing!

UPDATE: Well after posting this post I had registered a complaint on the Post Office website and after a few days this is what they had to say...

Thank you for contacting Royal Mail.

Unfortunately, I am unable to respond because your enquiry or complaint
relates to our sister companies, Parcelforce Worldwide and Post Office
Counters Ltd. With this in mind, you may wish to contact Parcelforce
Worldwide directly.

Erm... Is Post Office not related to Post Office Counters Ltd? A quick search on Google it states that Post Office Counters Ltd contact details are... wait.... the same as Post Office or in fact Royal Mail. So... erm... Either way I still managed to get my parcel. The very next day that is. You see... no one at either the post office counter or Royal Mail will accept blame and resolve the situation all together. And they still want to strike because they don't apparently get paid enough? Give me a break? If you want the public's support, set things right upfront.

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