Monday, January 18, 2010

London public transport RIP off

Have you ever been ripped off by public transportation? I mean, if you have paid for a monthly travel card and at the time of purchase you did set it for pickup by tomorrow, would you expect it to be at your nominated station by then?

Well, let's just say when I got out of my nominated station I was a little suprised that my purchased travel card didn't get transferred on to my Oyster card (that's what they call it here for a one card for all public transportation around London). Hence I was paying extra for my everyday journey to and from home.

When I asked the teller behind the Transport for London counter to check into it he said that the travel card is not on it hence I was being charged. Well no doh! So where is it? I had sent a complaint to them the next day and by the end of the day noticed that when I walked past the ticket machine, it had registered the travel card by then. But where is my refund for TFL's blunder?

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