Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Back to normal

Well looks like the site's activity is back to normal usage now with the Twilight competition over. LOL...

Anyway came across a website called Luggage Limits today and basically what it is is an information hub for (if not) all airlines possible on how much luggage you can carry/check-in at the airport. This is pretty good considering everyone always like to punt how much their check-in luggage can go over their carry limit.

Another one that caught my attention is What they offer is this... "Myp2p is a site specialized in schedules for all kind of Sports. You can watch Live Sports by using our schedules. On top, browse to Live Sports. The information we give is fully free. You only need some clients to download and then you're ready to go. Prepare to watch alot of Football, MLB, NHL, NBA, Cricket, Tennis and many more."

Now here is the disclaimer. Some say that this is an illegal website because they stream pay-per-view shows/sports. Well here is what they have to say... "Myp2p is an Internet Service Provider offering a platform which merely displays links to audiovisual content located on servers of third parties and provided and/or transmitted by third parties. Myp2p does not host nor transmit any audiovisual content itself and does not control nor influence such content. Myp2p cannot accept any liability for the content transmitted by others. Any responsibility for this content lies with those who host or transmit it."

Any way you take it, the website is there and thus saved me going out to a pub on a very wet and cold Saturday to watch the rugby game.

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