Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Who the heck is Bibit Internet?

Just noticed a charge of £5 on my CC this morning from a company called Bibit Internet. No idea why there is a charge of £5 and who the heck are these guys? Did abit of research on the internet. Typing in "Bibit Internet Payment Bunnick" (Bunnick is where the company is located and shown on my statement) it forwarded me to RBS WorldPay's website. Now... I have no dealings with RBS so am curious why RBS would charge me £5!

Further research I found this. It seems that alot of gaming websites, providers etc use Bibit for their transactions. E.g. If you're purchasing something from say Sony Playstation 3 Store, the transaction will go through Bibit and that is what's shown on your credit card.

Hope that helps some of you who thinks that you have a fraudulent charge on your card. It could be you or your kids charging away on their concoles, computers.

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