Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Twilight Saga: New Moon - Volvo competion Last Phase

Well guessed in this delayed answer to the puzzle I didn't win. Anyway here are the answers if you want to complete the puzzle.

In this puzzle you get a similar puzzle to puzzle 5 except you have to spell something to pass this level. Move the little guys using Bella to each of the letter to spell the word 'ARO' in no particular order to pass this level.

Once you've done that there is another suprise level. Yep now you're presented with a calendar and that you have to place the moons that you have acquired through out the puzzle game on the calendar. Place them in this order to complete the entire challenge.

Jan: Sat the 12th (2nd row, last box)
Feb: Mon the 11th (3rd row, 2nd box)
Mar: Tues the 12th (3rd row, 3rd box)
April: Wed the 10th (2nd row, 4th box)
May: Fri the 10th (2nd row, 6th box)
June: Sat the 8th (2nd row, last box)
July: Mon the 8th (2nd row, 2nd box)
Aug: Tues the 6th (2nd row, 3rd box)
Sept: Thrs the 5th (1st row, 5th box)
Oct: Fri the 4th (1st row, 6th box)
Nov: Sun the 3rd (2nd row, 1st box)
Dec: Tues the 3rd (1st row, 3rd box)

That is it! Hope whoever won the car have a good one. Lucky sod! Cheers to all that visited since the competition.

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