Thursday, October 29, 2009

Install 8XXGM Series Video Driver on Windows 7 - Tutorial

If you are upgrading your OS to Microsoft's latest Windows 7 and are installing it on older systems will find that you will have hardware compatibility issues once installed. When I had the Release Candidate installed, Windows 7 didn't provide a driver for the built-in Intel 82852/82855 Graphics Controller. Instead it defaulted to the Standard VGA and restricted the resolution to 640x480 maximum on a 14 inch screen. YUCK!

Who works with those resolutions these days? Absolutely no one in their right mind would. This happened because the Intel 82852/82855 Graphics chip does not support DirectX 9.0. For Windows 7, a GPU with at least a DirectX 9.0 support is required so that all of its fancy Aero and other effects are displayed. I’m installing this on a very old laptop of mine (that still runs XP fine!). Apparently would work fine if you were to install Vista but who would bother installing that pile of rubbish.

Well after spending a few hours scouring the WWW, I found a temporary solution that lets you install Intel 82852/82855 Graphics driver but there are limitations and abit finicky to install. The most obvious, you don’t get is any DirectX support! So this stops you installing Silverlight or any DirectX related apps. MSN aka Messenger Live installed but would hang the OS when you start it up. Perfect! Argh! Adobe Flash stuffs works though so anyway. And I could set the resolution back up to 1024x768. YAY!!!

Now that the final version of Windows 7 is out, I’ve gone ahead and installed it on the same laptop that I had the RC on, formatting everything in its place for the new final OS. I was using the laptop for casual Internet browsing and miscellaneous stuffs anyway so it was ok to format everything and start from scratch.

First of all Windows 7 installed in around 30-40 mins which is roughly about the same time it took to install XP. As expected the graphics driver defaulted to Standard VGA and was back to the 640x480 resolution. Went through Windows Update and hoped that it would pick up an Intel 82852/82855 Graphics supported driver but it didn’t. Bugger! Wishful thinking…

Again went back to the WWW and spent a little over 30 mins to find something that worked much better than the previous method. With this new method, it requires you to make a change to the main VGA driver which then prevents Windows 7 from installing it thus enables you to install the Intel 82852/82855 Graphics driver from XP!

Anyway long story short, everything works now. Resolution is back to 1024x768. I don’t get DirectX support but I’m not too bothered about it. Again it’s just for general Internet browsing and stuffs. MSN works fine now. I didn’t install Silverlight and haven’t tested Adobe Flash yet but I’m happy the way it is at the moment. Went through to install 4 display languages for the OS and it took almost 3 hours to do it!

If you’re having issues with the video drivers then I suggest you go and read this article. It may work for other graphic chips but there is no guarantee in this.

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