Thursday, September 17, 2009

iPhone App Review: GeoDefense Swarm

Just recently bought this game and have say since the 3.1 firmware upgrade (which wiped all of the data off my iPhone 3G) this is probably my favourite game to play at the moment. Bought Puzzle Bobble as well but that was pretty easy and lasted 3 days at most. Just repeatative that's all. But yeah GeoDefense Swarm is a pretty cool game.

Challenges you not just on the action level but also challenges you on the strategic level. You see you don't simply place your armaments around the board randomly. Though that may actually help you win the level but you have to strategically place or route your armaments so that the creeps (as they call it in the game) don't get from one end to the other.

Anyway am upto level 3 now and this is probably my N'th time trying to complete the level. Check it out on the AppStore. Worth the purchase for a fun and challenging game. Hopefully a long lasting one as well.

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