Monday, September 21, 2009


Gadgets… Who doesn’t love them? There seems to be quite a few that are very passionate when it comes to their gadgets. I’m talking about all the geeks out there. There’s the Xbox fanboys vs. the Sony PS3 fanboys, the Microsoft fanboys vs. the Apple Mac fanboys and the latest ones everybody else vs. the Apple iPhone fanboys. The list just goes on…

Don’t get me wrong here. I LOVE gadgets! Always have been and always will. But there comes upon a time when you just don’t get as involved as when you’re younger. Back then it’s like WOW I’ve got the latest gadget on hand and then you show it off blah blah… You know... the cool kid on the block. All that passes by when if you do grow up.

You see, having the latest tech doesn’t mean you’re the man. Just that ok you’re an early adopter aka beta tester. There are some that get over passionate about technology that they don’t see the type of person they’ve become. There are some that still like to show off. Oooo... I have this new phone and it does this and that and oh… it’s soooo much better than the iPhone!

Once you hear that you say to yourself ok. That is alright. Because in a few months time another phone will be out and of course it will be better than yours. Blah blah... But to tell you the truth I’d actually purchased that other phone for personal use. I then upgraded the firmware as it promised a speed increase from the stock firmware. The other person said it was so much faster than the latest iPhone 3GS with the new firmware and it can do this and that that the iPhone can’t. Blah blah blah... Tried it out for myself and have to say that that fact was not true. It was actually slower than the iPhone 3GS and at the end of the day it’s the experience you get from the iPhone that beats all other competitors hands down.

So why get overly passionate about tech? Are you trying to defend your latest purchase? Oh please... Augmented Reality is also available on the 3GS and not just on the HTC Hero. Pays to do some research before slagging off other tech. End.

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