Monday, August 17, 2009

Tax. What does it do for you?

Well everyone pays tax right? You get tax'd by your wage and then you have to pay additional taxes to your respective councils and whatever else right? Ever wonder what councils do with your tax?

I've been asking myself that question for awhile now. These people they send you notices that instructs you to pay for this tax and that tax and what do they do for you in return? No seriously, think about it. In your neighbourhood what have you ever asked for? Fill in this pot-hole, replace the broken pavement, make sure there are enough police officers patroling your areas if you need it, etc.

Well a few months back I had sent a letter to my local borough council asking them to fix this hole on the footpath as it's dangerous to anyone who doesn’t see it ever since I moved to my current area. It's been there for over two years now and it's only 4x6 inches in size and they've used about 4-5 cones and signage to block that pathway directing others to walk to the side of the footpaths. At that time I hadn't sent them a photo of the problem but then one of them had the audacity to reply back stating that it has been fixed when clearly it hasn't. On closer inspection what they did was actually put more cones and signage to block more of the footpath. WOW! Now that is pretty clever... I wonder where they get these people from. I simply didn’t realise that is what it means by fixing. Top marks!

Now the other day when I got home, I saw some teens sitting by the staircase that leads to my neighbour’s flat. I know they don’t live there because I’ve never seen them before. Anyway what happened next was they were sitting/hiding there because they were rolling up a joint! Yep, a marijuana joint to smoke. I had my window open, and the smell was just coming into my place. Not having any of it I called the Police help line and reported the kids to them. The officer on the line said that she acknowledges possession of an illegal substance is well "ILLEGAL" but if these kids aren’t bothering you then just let them be. I was gobsmacked when I heard that and from a police officer as well. She did then say if there are officers around the neighbourhood then she will dispatch them out my way. But WOW! No wonder everyone is leaving this country...

Makes you wonder eh... So why are you paying taxes for again?

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