Thursday, August 06, 2009

iPhone Navigation

It is about time that Apple cleared the release of some navigational apps to their App Store. Unless you're using a jailbroken iPhone you're pretty much out of luck because Apple yanked almost every single one of those apps from their App Store. Well no fear since the release of the 3.0 firmware there has been a few that's been popping up in the App Store.

There was the one from Navigon AG called MobileNavigator. I downloaded the British Isles version that they had on trial/demo when it was first released to try out and it was rubbish! It couldn't find my home location when I typed in the post code. I had to find my location on the map and then tell it where I wanted to go. Even then it gave the wrong instructions all together. Deleted it straight away and 200MB of wasted download and time.

Well today there's another one that has just popped up in the App Store. CoPilot Live from ALK Technologies is the latest navigational offering. I haven't tried this one yet because there aren't any trial or demo version to try out. Demanding a £25.99 to download the app may seem to be ok. Considering what a regular navman or Tom Tom would cost it is not bad for pricing. From the reviews posted with the app from major publications seems to be a very promising application. Well if I really needed one I may get it at a later date.

Well on the same day Tom Tom has just released news that their version of navigational application for the iPhone is just about to be released. Overseas pricing for the kit is ~£113.85 which includes a mount for your car and the app ofcourse. Considering that there's not that much difference in buying a physical Tom Tom would you pay that just so you can have a Tom Tom on your iPhone? Do you really need to fork out that much just so you can boast about it? I mean... You can get a cheaper physical unit these days for less than £50 if you shop around.

Do know that if you do use these apps like any other app for the iPhone for a long period of time (which you will do if you need a Tom Tom to get from A to B), the iPhone battery life is going to be terrible hence you'll have to charge it more often than usual. Is it really worth it? Anyway check out the advertisement from Tom Tom on their iPhone app below.

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