Thursday, July 09, 2009

SingStar Michael Jackson

With the death of Michael Jackson, the media has gone all crazy following every single bit of news that mentions Michael Jackson.

An idea came to mind while I was waiting for my flight in Madrid when I walked into a store that was showing MJ’s memorial service on the TV... Now that SingStar PlayStation is releasing releases with specific mega bands or groups, would SCE London Studio (the group behind the SingStar series) and the Jackson family contemplate releasing a Michael Jackson’s version of SingStar?

Think about it... Even with all the controversies surrounding him while he was alive, he still had a gazillion of fans out there and now that is dead, in my opinion his fan-base has grown bigger. Everybody just wants to buy anything that’s Michael Jackson. He is a legend just like Elvis, ABBA, Queen. Not being disrespectful in any comparison but his records and memorabilia is just going to sell like hotcakes.

So I think it is a fantastic idea for Sony if they decide to release SingStar Michael Jackson. So Sony... Any time frame? Heck, I might even get it.

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