Friday, July 24, 2009

Madrid/Seville, Spain: Day 3 of 5

Today we headed out to Seville for a day trip. Also abit brave today decided to take the DSLR along for the ride. What can go wrong right? Still haven’t learnt my lesson... This time round I packed all of my belongings in the camera bag. The camera bag that I’m using is the Lowepro Primus AW bag. All compartments are either opened from the side (for the camera) or from the back of the bag which is good in a way that it is abit more secure than conventional bags. So I had tucked the iPhone in there as well as this is the first time that I’m trialling the Trails app to record my GPS positions internationally.

We took a taxi out to the train station (Atocha Renfe) then caught the high-speed AVE (Alta Velocidad Española) train there to Seville. The journey itself was roughly 2hr 30m and it was very comfortable with air-conditioning and also they provided headphones to listen to their onboard music or movie that they were showing. The cost of the ticket itself worked out to be cheaper if you buy the InterRail Single Country pass for 3 days than to buy a single return journey for Seville itself. Well that is if you’re an EU resident that is anyway.

Upon arrival, we walked from the Santa Justa Train Station to central Seville. Only took 15-20 mins to walk which would have been ok if it wasn’t such a scorching hot day. Anyway we got into the central part and again were presented with a lot of beautiful architecture. We had arrived quite early so tourist traffic were kept to the minimum and were able to enjoy what Seville had to offer.

There was a lot to see or that we had planned to see anyway. The few main sights that we wanted to check out were the Catedral de Sevilla & Giralda Tower, Alcázar of Seville (Royal Palace), and Torre del Oro (Golden Tower). There were a few other sights along the way but they were very much optional and that you will bump into them when you go to your main destinations anyway. If you want to check out all of the other sights that I had mapped you can check them out here via Google Maps.

One thing is for sure is that Seville is actually a very small town and it feels like that anyway. Within the day you can definitely see all the sights as everything is within walking distance, though it is probably not a good idea on such a hot day (close to 40°C). Hot!

As it was such a hot day we couldn’t help but getting a few of the local Granizado De Limon (crushed-ice lemon) drinks to quench the thirst. We loved it so much that through out the rest of the trip we always made sure we had at least 2-3 during the day to cool us down. LOL... You can get the recipe here.

We had dinner at a local restaurant before we ventured back to the train station to head back to Madrid. Have to say that today it was actually ok. No one tried to steal or pickpocket from us today which is always a plus.

Note that the pictures are on the way. There are still abit of processing to do... Sigh...

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