Wednesday, July 29, 2009

iPhone App Review: KENKEN

This is my new favourite game at the moment. I've just finished playing Let's Golf, which is PSP's Everybody's Golf clone for the AppStore. Great game if you're into those styles of golfing games.

Anyway Capcom's KENKEN game. At first I thought what? Did they spell the game wrong instead of Can Can? I don't know but after downloading it, it took literally a few minutes to get hooked into it. It's a puzzle game similar to sudoku but instead of entering numbers in a 9x9 grid or whatever you're used to in sudoku games, in KenKen there are multi grids within the main grid and in each grid there may be multiplications, divisions, additions, subtractions. Sounds simple right? Wait to you try it that's for sure. After playing this for the last day or so I'm only up to the Amateur level from Apprentice.

It is really addictive and I recommend you to try it out!

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