Thursday, June 11, 2009

iPhone 3G[s] & OS 3.0

As you may have known by now, in the last day or so Apple have made the announcement of their new Apple iPhone 3GS and the new OS 3.0 firmware. The phone itself will be made available on the 19th June and the firmware upgrade will be made available on the 17th June. Wicked!

In the UK, O2 is the only current telecommunication supplier of Apple iPhones and for those of you who are existing iPhone Pay Monthly subscribers you’re in for a shocker. If you want to upgrade to the new 3GS phone, not only that there is a charge of almost £275 (> for the iPhone 3GS 32B version but you also have to pay extra to terminate (months left on your contract x monthly charge) your existing contract in order to get the phone itself. I for one was ready to pay for the phone itself and extend my existing contract but WTF!?! I’m not the only one who’s peeved about this as there are many others who expressed the same anger towards O2. I’m already a loyal O2 Silver member and yet being treated like this is unsatisfactory. You can check out their twitter ( for further details on this.

Well O2 have done a great job of kicking their existing customers in the teeth by making a great business decision on this. I hope Apple does allow other mobile vendors to sell iPhones in the future to remove this monopoly. One thing is for sure... I can’t wait to get my hands on the new 3.0 firmware ( on the 17th for my existing iPhone 3G.

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