Thursday, June 18, 2009

iPhone 3.0: Upgrading and Tethering

Talk about dramas with the new 3.0 firmware for the iPhone… It was only made available at around 6pm GMT here in the UK even when the Apple website specified that it was available on June 17th itself so abit of mis-marketing there. They should have specified that it will be made available worldwide on June 17th USA time or whatever.

Anyway I managed to download the 230Mb update file easily but had some hiccups during activation. For some reason it couldn’t activate because it couldn’t connect to the activation servers wherever they are. But after about 7 tries it connected and it installed happily. But the issue didn’t stop at the activation server. After the 3.0 firmware installation completed I went into the App Store to check for updates. It found a few updates for a few of the apps I have installed so I selected to update all. It showed up a couple of prompts saying there are new Terms and Conditions for using the App Store and that I should read and accept them. Ok… But when I tried to accept the new T&C’s it gave me weird error messages like “Session Timeout”, “Error (-50)”, and “Network connection” errors. I guess Apple servers were just hammered worldwide due to the upgrades. Anyway tried this morning again and seems to be working ok now.

I found an interesting article this morning about enabling tethering on the iPhone 3G without paying O2 £15 a month bolt-on. Yes, that’s right… That’s how much O2 is charging you to essentially use the internet via your phone even though you’ve got an unlimited data plan already with the phone.

So basically to set this up you have to go to this website via your iPhone, and select the right profile for your mobile provider; which in my case is the UK O2 Vertigo profile. There was another one called UK O2 Contract profile but on closer examination the contract profile was using the WAP service rather than the one configured on the iPhone.

Once installed I had to go back into the Network Settings to change the username back to vertigo as for some reason it had used o2wap as the username instead. Once done I restarted to phone just incase. Went back into the Settings to check that now Tethering is now enabled and ready for action.

*Original Tethering instructions from Richard Lai

** Also note that this is not recommended as UK O2 might impose additional charges or even disconnect you if they can detect it. Best if it's not needed then don't bother.

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