Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Film Review: Gigantic


Absolutely flat! That is how I would sum it up. The story begins with Brian Wethersby, who is a 28 years old guy and he has wanted to adopt a Chinese baby ever since he was at the age of 8. His chances of adopting a baby are not high due to his circumstances. He works in an old warehouse selling beds and for some strange reason he gets bullied/picked on by this strange homeless person where ever he goes. Why is the homeless guy even in the story I have the foggiest!

He meets this girl who is played by Zooey Deschanel, at the store when she comes to pay for a bed costing USD$14,000! Yep… A 14K bed! WTF? Who in the right mind will pay for a bed that costs that much?

Anyway during the entire movie in some strange way they fall in love. Everything seems to be going alright until Brian gets notified that he has been accepted by an adoption agency and he is expected to adopt a baby in a couple of weeks. Zooey gets all scared she doesn’t know how to face up to what’s happening with her relationship and life generally and so she tries to escape it by booking a flight to France.

Anyway… The movie ends with the whole family celebrating the new addition to the family and a close up of the baby’s face just before the credits rolled.

WTF?! Now I had been given free tickets for this movie and for the first 30 mins I had kind of enjoyed the movie. It had some funny moments and some quirky lines so it wasn’t that bad. But the last hour was just dreadful. I mean… What kind of ending what that?! Anyway if you want to watch it or had been given free tickets to it don’t say that you haven’t been warned.

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