Tuesday, June 02, 2009

E3 2009

For those of you who are lucky enough to attend this year's E3, you SOBs!!! :P

Anyway from the video coverage there seems to be heck of alot of new stuffs coming on board especially for Microsoft's Xbox 360 camp. With social networking features such as Twitter and Facebook integration, all the new controllers such as the skateboard controller offered by Robomodo and the new Project Natal which utilises a camera similar to the PS3 for interaction with the console so in the future there is no need of controllers (you use your body and gestures to control movement) and all of the new and exciting games that are coming. WOW!!! Microsoft have really done it this time.

I guess that's why earlier in the year they've there were news of Microsoft acquiring rights to games that were once exclusive to Sony PlayStation 3 only. Even Hideo Kojima's once exclusive Metal Gear Solid franchise are coming to the Xbox 360 along with Square Enix's Final Fantasy franchise starting with the XIII also. It better not come out on the Xbox first! Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto had also jumped shipped over to the Xbox 360 platform now offering exclusivity of their Grand Theft Auto 4 addons. Arrggh!

Even though their consoles might be cheap as chips these days, if only there weren’t so many reports of BSODs or Red Ring of Deaths I may have tempted to get an Xbox 360 before when I was contemplating which console to get. If you can’t tell I went with in the end it was the Sony PlayStation 3 instead.

Well, all in all Microsoft definitely has an impressive line-up at E3 2009. At the time of this blog it’s going to be another 3:30hrs before Sony’s Press Conference. So will see what Sony has up its sleeves.

If you want to watch Microsoft’s Press Conference check the video below.

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