Monday, June 29, 2009

Favourite pic of the day... F22 going supersonic!

An Air Force F-22 Raptor executes a supersonic flyby over the flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis.

What a picture! WOW!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Malaysia Premiere

A video of fans before and after seeing Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen for its July 23rd premiere in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Gotta love the accent (I'm ex-Malaysian). It's just freaking awesome lah! Watch out for spoilers.

King Of Pop Michael Jackson Is Dead At 50

That's the news headline for today that the King Of Pop Michael Jackson Is Dead at 50! OMG! Michael Jackson was pronounced dead after being taken to hospital after a suspected cardiac arrest while at home in Los Angeles.

Not disrespecting but is this a stunt? Is MJ trying to get out of the 50 sold out concerts that his organisers had allocated in UK? Technically speaking, you only have to be on stage for 15mins (~3 songs) for a concert. You won’t have a lot of happy goers doing that though. The carnage is probably happening now with everyone trying to get refunds for tickets purchased.

I actually liked his songs… Remembering the first tape (Yes Tape!) that I had bought was BAD. I continued listening to his songs till all the allegations of child sexual abuse started back in 93. From there I had never looked back…

But enough about Michael Jackson… Farrah Fawcett; well known for her role in Charlie’s Angels and also the iconic 1976 poster in the red swimsuit that sold more than 12 million copies worldwide, died at the age of 62 after battling cancer. Farrah Fawcett whose feathered blond hair and dazzling smile made her one of the biggest sex symbols of the 1970s.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Folding Plug idea

What an awesome idea! The conventional UK power plug is said to be the biggest in size. It's big and clunky and it seems that there are some smart cookies out there who have designed something that both good looking and practical. Check out the video below.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Awesome RC parallel park

RC Car aficionado Masami Hirosaka does more with this little car in one minute than I'll hope to do with a real one in my entire lifetime. Notice at the end he doesn't use the wall as leverage. True Initial D style!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Who is the STIG?!

If you've missed the latest episode of Top Gear (original UK version of course!) that was aired on Sunday night, here is a bombshell! The Stig himself after so many seasons of being with Top Gear reveals who he really is! Watch the clip below to find out. You can either hover the text or watch the clip below.

The STIG is Michael Schumacher!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

iPhone 3.0: Upgrading and Tethering

Talk about dramas with the new 3.0 firmware for the iPhone… It was only made available at around 6pm GMT here in the UK even when the Apple website specified that it was available on June 17th itself so abit of mis-marketing there. They should have specified that it will be made available worldwide on June 17th USA time or whatever.

Anyway I managed to download the 230Mb update file easily but had some hiccups during activation. For some reason it couldn’t activate because it couldn’t connect to the activation servers wherever they are. But after about 7 tries it connected and it installed happily. But the issue didn’t stop at the activation server. After the 3.0 firmware installation completed I went into the App Store to check for updates. It found a few updates for a few of the apps I have installed so I selected to update all. It showed up a couple of prompts saying there are new Terms and Conditions for using the App Store and that I should read and accept them. Ok… But when I tried to accept the new T&C’s it gave me weird error messages like “Session Timeout”, “Error (-50)”, and “Network connection” errors. I guess Apple servers were just hammered worldwide due to the upgrades. Anyway tried this morning again and seems to be working ok now.

I found an interesting article this morning about enabling tethering on the iPhone 3G without paying O2 £15 a month bolt-on. Yes, that’s right… That’s how much O2 is charging you to essentially use the internet via your phone even though you’ve got an unlimited data plan already with the phone.

So basically to set this up you have to go to this website via your iPhone, and select the right profile for your mobile provider; which in my case is the UK O2 Vertigo profile. There was another one called UK O2 Contract profile but on closer examination the contract profile was using the WAP service rather than the one configured on the iPhone.

Once installed I had to go back into the Network Settings to change the username back to vertigo as for some reason it had used o2wap as the username instead. Once done I restarted to phone just incase. Went back into the Settings to check that now Tethering is now enabled and ready for action.

*Original Tethering instructions from Richard Lai

** Also note that this is not recommended as UK O2 might impose additional charges or even disconnect you if they can detect it. Best if it's not needed then don't bother.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Green Lantern: The Movie trailer

The next DC Comics superhero to be added to the movies is Green Lantern. This movie is not due out till 2011. Also this is a FAN MADE trailer.

If you've not seen it you can check it out below.

Where is the new iPhone firmware?

I'm one of those that would stay up till 00:01 to get whatever if they said it would be released at this date. Well according to the Apple and O2's webpage, the new iPhone 3.0 firmware would be released on the 17th June 2009. I checked last night at 00:01 through to 00:15 and there was nothing. I couldn't be bothered after that.

I was thinking it's probably following the US time so may be delayed by ~5 hours or so. That's cool. This morning I checked again at 8am and still nothing. Hmm... Would this be considered as falsified advertising?!?

Not only you're shafting your existing iPhone 3G customers with lunatic upgrade prices for the 3GS, but stuffing up your release schedule of the 3.0 firmware! I mean I want to do some CUT and PASTE for god sake!

Shame on you Apple!

Update: For the UK folks it should be ready for download by 6pm this evening.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Linkin Park - New Divide Music Video

Linkin Park's New Divide music video is here folks...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen *Spoiler*

If you don't want to know the ending of the movie don't read this! According to wikipedia this is what happens at the end of the movie...

The Cure for iPhone Envy! Welcome doubleTwist!

What is doubleTwist? It’s a new program developed by the famous Jon Lech Johansen aka DVD Jon, that in a nutshell lets you synchronise your iTunes library on any device in seconds as that’s what the website claims. The BBC claims it to be iTunes on steroids! Interested? Head over to their website to for further details. Cool, definitely worth a try.

iPhone 3G[s] & OS 3.0

As you may have known by now, in the last day or so Apple have made the announcement of their new Apple iPhone 3GS and the new OS 3.0 firmware. The phone itself will be made available on the 19th June and the firmware upgrade will be made available on the 17th June. Wicked!

In the UK, O2 is the only current telecommunication supplier of Apple iPhones and for those of you who are existing iPhone Pay Monthly subscribers you’re in for a shocker. If you want to upgrade to the new 3GS phone, not only that there is a charge of almost £275 (> for the iPhone 3GS 32B version but you also have to pay extra to terminate (months left on your contract x monthly charge) your existing contract in order to get the phone itself. I for one was ready to pay for the phone itself and extend my existing contract but WTF!?! I’m not the only one who’s peeved about this as there are many others who expressed the same anger towards O2. I’m already a loyal O2 Silver member and yet being treated like this is unsatisfactory. You can check out their twitter ( for further details on this.

Well O2 have done a great job of kicking their existing customers in the teeth by making a great business decision on this. I hope Apple does allow other mobile vendors to sell iPhones in the future to remove this monopoly. One thing is for sure... I can’t wait to get my hands on the new 3.0 firmware ( on the 17th for my existing iPhone 3G.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Another Tube Strike!

It seems like every year the folks at RMT (the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers) are always staging some sort of strike. Usual story, we want mo’ money! This time it’s a complete shutdown of the London Underground and you can only guess what happens if the tubes are not working. Complete CHAOS!!!

As Tube workers walk out for a 48-hour strike, Londoners will have to find other ways to make the 3.5 million journeys for which we normally rely on the Underground every day.

Other forms of public transports are still available but how the heck is London going to accommodate 3.5 million people who usually take the tubes cope? Busses were completely jam-packed and the roads were choka-blocked! Looks like it’s going to be fun for the next few days!

If every year the workers get a pay rise that is not bad. In a 10 year plan you might end up earning more than what the ministers gets paid at the House of Commons and House of Lords. Oh… actually I stand corrected… For the ministers, if the pay is not adequate, that’s not a problem. Just CLAIM it!

PS: Bob Crow @ RMT rail union, get off your high horse and stop acting like a sploit brat mate! There is nothing to be proud of for bringing the transport system down. You're just acting like a kid for getting what you want! Clown!


Monday, June 08, 2009

iTunes 8.2 is released

The final version of iTunes 8.2 has just been made available in the last few days. If you start up your current version of iTunes it should prompt you downloaded the latest version.

During the beta releases of firmware 3.0 it actually required you to have a beta version of iTunes 8.2 to be installed in order to download and install the 3.0 beta firmwares. If iTunes 8.2 is out, Apple must be getting ready for the announcement of the new iPhone 3GS (the new code name) and its new firmware.

I for one certainly can't wait for the new firmware. But also am enticed to see how the 3GS looks.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Only 10 more days to go! Woot!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Film Review: The Hangover

The Hangover.

This is one cracked up movie. What is this movie about? When I got to the cinema and sat down on my seat I didn’t know what this movie was about! I’ve never even heard of the title. I was given complimentary advance screening tickets for this movie so I thought why not and turn up.

The movie starts off with a scene with two guys getting measurements for their new suits and their conversation was about one of them getting married. A few moments later you discover that these two guys and the groom’s best friends are getting themselves ready to take on a long journey to Las Vegas for the stag do. As their night begins in Las Vegas after a few toasts, the next scene is them in their suite all passed out silly and the room trashed.

Waking up not remembering what happened the previous night, they soon discover that the groom has somehow gone missing and this is where their adventure begins. If you are going to watch this movie, you will absolutely love it!

This is one movie that best describes why fiancés and wives dread stag do’s. It was so funny and hilarious; sitting there I loved every moment of it. Just a note to stay behind and watch the credits.

Check out the trailer below.

E3 2009: Sony's Press Conference

Well here is Sony's Press Conference.

Microsoft offering free TechNet Plus subscription

*Note: This has now expired since it was suppose to only being made available to ITAC program members. You can read updates here @

Yes, you read it right! Microsoft is offering free TechNet Plus subscription!

TechNet Plus is a Microsoft service which offers full, legitimate versions of software to IT professionals (or whoever wants to pay for it). The subscription usually saps your wallet for $349 US, if you only want downloads, or $599 if you'd like disc versions too. However, as you can see, this is pretty pricey... the good news is, if you live in the US, the UK or Canada, our friendly Redmond-based software company has you covered.

If you live in the US, you can go here to get it sorted, or here for Canadians, and if you're in the UK, this will have you up and running. You will need the following information: First name, last lame, street address, city/town, state, postal code, email, and contact phone number. You'll obviously need a valid address if you wish to get CD/DVD media, but otherwise you can use any for the direct software downloads.

Once that's all well and done, you'll need to do a few more things before you have a wealth of freebies within your grasps:

1. Sign In: Visit the TechNet Subscriptions Benefits Portal (you may be prompted to re-sign in using your Windows Live ID).
2. Register: You will be required to enter your first name, last name, e-mail address (exactly as they appear in your "Ship to" information) and Benefit Access Number: XXXXXXXXXX and accept the license terms.
3. Access Benefits: Once you have completed the registration, you will be able to access your online benefits, including Subscriber Downloads from the TechNet Subscriptions Management page. Each time you visit you will sign in using your Windows Live ID.

For those in other countries, it seems you're out of luck, but no doubt there are ways around these limitations. Let us know how it goes!

This offer is valid for only three months. Never-the-less, it's best to get in early and make the most of this while you can.

*Links removed*

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

E3 2009: StarCraft II

Right folks... Take this with a grain of salt... After 10 years in the waiting Blizzard Entertainment has announced that the game StarCraft II is set to due out end of this year. When exactly? I am not sure but my bet is just around before Christmas. Well that's what I'm hoping anyway.

With the beta opening this summer, I sure hope they do get the game out in time and the game up to scratch. Can't wait...

E3 2009

For those of you who are lucky enough to attend this year's E3, you SOBs!!! :P

Anyway from the video coverage there seems to be heck of alot of new stuffs coming on board especially for Microsoft's Xbox 360 camp. With social networking features such as Twitter and Facebook integration, all the new controllers such as the skateboard controller offered by Robomodo and the new Project Natal which utilises a camera similar to the PS3 for interaction with the console so in the future there is no need of controllers (you use your body and gestures to control movement) and all of the new and exciting games that are coming. WOW!!! Microsoft have really done it this time.

I guess that's why earlier in the year they've there were news of Microsoft acquiring rights to games that were once exclusive to Sony PlayStation 3 only. Even Hideo Kojima's once exclusive Metal Gear Solid franchise are coming to the Xbox 360 along with Square Enix's Final Fantasy franchise starting with the XIII also. It better not come out on the Xbox first! Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto had also jumped shipped over to the Xbox 360 platform now offering exclusivity of their Grand Theft Auto 4 addons. Arrggh!

Even though their consoles might be cheap as chips these days, if only there weren’t so many reports of BSODs or Red Ring of Deaths I may have tempted to get an Xbox 360 before when I was contemplating which console to get. If you can’t tell I went with in the end it was the Sony PlayStation 3 instead.

Well, all in all Microsoft definitely has an impressive line-up at E3 2009. At the time of this blog it’s going to be another 3:30hrs before Sony’s Press Conference. So will see what Sony has up its sleeves.

If you want to watch Microsoft’s Press Conference check the video below.

Film Review: Gigantic


Absolutely flat! That is how I would sum it up. The story begins with Brian Wethersby, who is a 28 years old guy and he has wanted to adopt a Chinese baby ever since he was at the age of 8. His chances of adopting a baby are not high due to his circumstances. He works in an old warehouse selling beds and for some strange reason he gets bullied/picked on by this strange homeless person where ever he goes. Why is the homeless guy even in the story I have the foggiest!

He meets this girl who is played by Zooey Deschanel, at the store when she comes to pay for a bed costing USD$14,000! Yep… A 14K bed! WTF? Who in the right mind will pay for a bed that costs that much?

Anyway during the entire movie in some strange way they fall in love. Everything seems to be going alright until Brian gets notified that he has been accepted by an adoption agency and he is expected to adopt a baby in a couple of weeks. Zooey gets all scared she doesn’t know how to face up to what’s happening with her relationship and life generally and so she tries to escape it by booking a flight to France.

Anyway… The movie ends with the whole family celebrating the new addition to the family and a close up of the baby’s face just before the credits rolled.

WTF?! Now I had been given free tickets for this movie and for the first 30 mins I had kind of enjoyed the movie. It had some funny moments and some quirky lines so it wasn’t that bad. But the last hour was just dreadful. I mean… What kind of ending what that?! Anyway if you want to watch it or had been given free tickets to it don’t say that you haven’t been warned.