Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Beware of purchasing items online... (Focalprice)

I’m an active online shopper and have been ever since the early ages of e-commerce. E-Commerce has got to be one of the best things that were created since the internet was made widely available to everyone. It made it possible to let a sale go through without even the buyer being there at the store.

All that is good but you still have to be very careful of who or where you buy from. I’ve just been to one of those sites to purchase a few accessories for the iPhone and all seemed to be good. I bought a spare USB iPhone cable, a dock and a case for the phone. All at a very low price which is where everything started going wrong.

The order itself took 2 weeks to get here. Opened up the package it came in, the USB cable was not in its original packaging. As well as were the dock. The dock itself came in an anti-static bag. On closer inspection the cable had scratches all over and the USB point had rust along its connectors. For the dock it had scuff marks all over its edges. The only thing that was brand new in the entire package was the case.

To be honest I can’t believe there are still sellers out there who operate what looks like a legitimate online store are giving false impressions on the items they are selling. If there was a note on the item that stated that it is used and not brand new then yeah sure, I probably wouldn’t have bought it but why?! All this does is just creates frustration and all the hassles of solving this issue.

The online store where I purchased these items had the audacity to try to resolve this issue by offering a refund of a full USD$1 for the trouble. Wow… Thanks but no thanks! I’m now trying to get a full refund and ship these items back to them at their expense. Realistically I probably won’t see my money back but come on traders/buyers out there. Do the right thing!

The online store is called Focalprice (

Generally with most online stores (99.9%) there shouldn't be any issue. It's the 0.01% that gets through the net! Don't give them your business.

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