Friday, April 03, 2009

Playstation 3 new 2.70 firmware is out!

It's been a good couple of weeks since I had posted anything. Just been busy last few weeks and yep lame excuse. Anyway just wanted to let everyone know that Sony had just released another firmware. Version 2.70 was just made available yesterday evening. Well for me anyway...

Downloaded it and installed it without even thinking what would happen with the new firmware. Would it have issues as many had reported with the past firmwares? Oh well too late. So I installed it and since becoming a fan of the PS3 Media Server, streaming media from my PC to the PS3 has been working very well when using the previous 2.60 firmware; that would be the first thing I would test.

Suffice to say that it is working even better now. Load times for streamed DivX/XViD content are now within the second. You had to wait a few seconds for the content to load with 2.60. For content that needed to be transcoded (HD MKV content) took between 3-10 seconds to load now instead of 30 seconds. I know... Old computer but this is still unbelievable!!! I have noticed that with 2.60 the video bandwidth was always fluctuating between 50-100Mbit/s+. This is not an issue because the PS3 is connected up via Ethernet cabling now. If it was wireless it would choked. But now with 2.70 it's down to between 10-20+ which I think its why its faster now to display the streamed content.

Have to say I'm loving it. Will have to try some gaming later on but am pretty happy with the new firmware. Keep it up Sony!

Note: I did try to play a MKV file directly on the PS3 but it didn't want to even show up. Guess Sony hasn't implemented DivX 7.0 yet.

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