Monday, April 06, 2009

Abu Zaad review

How did I miss this little gem? My gawd... I must have walked past Abu Zaad Restaurant (Damascene) almost a couple of times every week since I’ve stayed around this area. Every time I walk past this street I always wondered where the aroma is coming from and saw that this restaurant was literally packed every time even on a Sunday. So I finally decided to walk into this excellent restaurant for dinner on Saturday.

As soon as you walk in you can tell that the aroma is definitely coming from this restaurant. The minute you walk in you are escorted to a table even though I didn’t make any bookings/reservations. The dishes ordered were a chicken tajine, falafel and a stewed leg of lamb.

The food was simply amazing, delicious, tender, and packed full of flavour. Even the plain rice itself was really good. I don't know what they put in the rice to cook with but it was nice and soft and delicious. Definitely beats having just normal Chinese plain rice. :P

I would definitely recommend you to check out this place. It is located on the corner of Lime Grove and Uxbridge Road in Shepherd's Bush just by the Shepherd's Bush Market.

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