Friday, April 17, 2009


Just added a few links to a whole bunch of pics taken from my Christmas 2008 trip. Head over to the Snapshots links to view them. :)

Will blog about the each location visited soon... *fingers crossed*

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Apple iTunes 8 - Sorting by Album and Track #

Has any one of you (who owns an Apple product) have had frustrations with sorting of the music library in iTunes? I have! Today I was just trying to sort the music by albums and then by track #. Why? I’ve been syncing my music with my iPhone and recently noticed that not all songs within the albums are in track # order. This is so annoying since if you’re listening to those dance/house type music they need to be in order so it flows through.

So first in iTunes, I thought yep this would be easy. Select on the Album header and then by Track # header. That should sort all music in my music library by Albums and then by Track #. Not the case. After a little googling I tried some of the solutions posted. None had worked. Some albums were in perfect order and some are just all out of whack! I thought WTF!

After 30 mins of playing around with iTunes this is the solution I found that worked 100% of the time.

1. Goto your music library and select all audio tracks or just the tracks you want to change. CTRL+A on track will select everything.
2. Right click on your mouse and select “Get Info”. CTRL+I will also do the same operation. This should bring up Multiple Item Information window.
3. Be careful with this as this could potentially overwrite your ID tagging!!!
4. In the Info tab, select the checkbox next to Album Artist and make sure the Album Artist textbox is empty.
5. Next goto the Sorting tab, and select the checkbox next to the Sort Album Artist and vice versa make sure the Sorting Album Artist textbox is empty.
6. Now select the OK button and it should start processing.

Once done, while you’re still in the music library, select the Album header and make sure the Album header is displaying just Album and not Album by Artists or Album by Year. You will now notice that your tracks within your albums are now in order! Problem Solved!

Note: By default when you import new folders, your ordering will be out of whack. Just follow the steps above to remove the Album Artist and Sorting Album Artist fields and it will be back to normal order.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Abu Zaad review

How did I miss this little gem? My gawd... I must have walked past Abu Zaad Restaurant (Damascene) almost a couple of times every week since I’ve stayed around this area. Every time I walk past this street I always wondered where the aroma is coming from and saw that this restaurant was literally packed every time even on a Sunday. So I finally decided to walk into this excellent restaurant for dinner on Saturday.

As soon as you walk in you can tell that the aroma is definitely coming from this restaurant. The minute you walk in you are escorted to a table even though I didn’t make any bookings/reservations. The dishes ordered were a chicken tajine, falafel and a stewed leg of lamb.

The food was simply amazing, delicious, tender, and packed full of flavour. Even the plain rice itself was really good. I don't know what they put in the rice to cook with but it was nice and soft and delicious. Definitely beats having just normal Chinese plain rice. :P

I would definitely recommend you to check out this place. It is located on the corner of Lime Grove and Uxbridge Road in Shepherd's Bush just by the Shepherd's Bush Market.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Playstation 3 new 2.70 firmware is out!

It's been a good couple of weeks since I had posted anything. Just been busy last few weeks and yep lame excuse. Anyway just wanted to let everyone know that Sony had just released another firmware. Version 2.70 was just made available yesterday evening. Well for me anyway...

Downloaded it and installed it without even thinking what would happen with the new firmware. Would it have issues as many had reported with the past firmwares? Oh well too late. So I installed it and since becoming a fan of the PS3 Media Server, streaming media from my PC to the PS3 has been working very well when using the previous 2.60 firmware; that would be the first thing I would test.

Suffice to say that it is working even better now. Load times for streamed DivX/XViD content are now within the second. You had to wait a few seconds for the content to load with 2.60. For content that needed to be transcoded (HD MKV content) took between 3-10 seconds to load now instead of 30 seconds. I know... Old computer but this is still unbelievable!!! I have noticed that with 2.60 the video bandwidth was always fluctuating between 50-100Mbit/s+. This is not an issue because the PS3 is connected up via Ethernet cabling now. If it was wireless it would choked. But now with 2.70 it's down to between 10-20+ which I think its why its faster now to display the streamed content.

Have to say I'm loving it. Will have to try some gaming later on but am pretty happy with the new firmware. Keep it up Sony!

Note: I did try to play a MKV file directly on the PS3 but it didn't want to even show up. Guess Sony hasn't implemented DivX 7.0 yet.