Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Tesco Customer Service

... are a bunch of useless people! Calling up 'a' store you get presented with an automated system which after going through selecting you want to speak to someone, you get transferred to a calldesk person at Who then proceed to ask you for every single information about you and what you want to order.

Er… Hello!!! I’m ringing this specific store because I want to find out if they have product 'A' in-store. If I wanted to order something I would have rung the direct line or via their online website or better still... pop into the store. I had asked that person to put me through directly. That's fine. The call starts calling and I get this silly a£$e loud music in the background. After 10 mins of being on hold and this music blasting in to my ear, I asked the guy for the direct number.

Calling this number directly I got put through the same whole damn process. The person this time said they will look then the phone went silent for about 5 seconds. Then a ringtone came and it went on and on for another 5 mins.

After 15 mins of time wasted I had enough of it. You think Tesco (the giant chain supermarket in UK) would have employed smart enough people to do the job. But no… Its recession now so can't do that… Damn thing was on an 0845 number as well which means that for the charge of the call and the duration, I could have covered the cost of the damn thing I was inquiring about!

Note: If you search via their store locater online, you will see that for every store there is a different/unique phone number. So why TF does it not go to the damn store!

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