Monday, March 02, 2009

Restaurants to visit and not to visit in London

When I do dine out I do expect the food to be good. Most of the places that I've been to are just not upto scratch to the food back home or not authentic enough. Nothing is ever as good as home. :) There are just so many chinese, asian restaurants in London and so many don't know what authentic food tastes like so it is ok for them. But I thought I'd share my comments here of the places that I have dined in anyway... Ultimately the choice is you want to dine at those places.

Anyway the first one is Melati Restaurant @ 30-31 Peter Street, London W1F. It is a Malaysian restaurant located right in the Soho district where all the R18 action is.

Anyway there was 4 of us and we ordered starters, mains and drinks. For the starter we ordered two portions of the mixed satays which btw is not bad at all. Then for the mains we ordered nasi lemak, beef rendang, and hainanese chicken rice. For drinks well just normal chinese herbal type drinks and an A&W root beer which btw was flat!

They did really well with the starter, we were all starting to appreciate the restaurant in its location. Then when we had our mains, thats when it went south. The rendang that was ordered were just a couple of chunks of beef that was covered in the rendang sauce. The meat was hard and not tender and it just lacked flavour. Definately not the right choice of cuts for the rendang dish. A 2/10 for this dish.

The nasi lemak, which is my all time favourite dish was slightly better. The rice had only a slight hint of the coconut flavour and it came with sambal which was not authentic at all. It also came with two pieces of barbequed fish. Well at least I think it was bbq fish. It was very dry but at least had some flavour. A 4-5/10 for this dish.

The last dish was the hainanese chicken rice. I didn't try this dish but was told that it was also quite bad.

All in all the bill came to a total of ~£63 and it was probably not the best place to check out.

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