Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Jom Makan - Restoran Malaysia review

Jom Makan is located @ 5-7 Pall Mall East, London, SW1Y 5BA, which is right next to Trafalgar Square. We went there with a couple of friends to enjoy the Valentine's Day special they had on offer. The queue was huge due to the offer that had.

After queuing for ~40mins we were seated at our table and were ready to enjoy our evening. I had brought a nice bottle of red for dinner and asked the waiter (who was the floor manager of the night) if there would be a cost for corking our own bottle. The manager then rudely replied “The cost of the food on offer is already sooooo low, I’m sure you can afford to order from the menu rather than bringing our own wine”. We were absolutely gobsmacked with this reply. Who TF does he think he is? I’m sure this is not how you respond to your customers. In a semi posh location you would expect a pretty damn good service. I would have used the bottle to knock him over but then again I don’t want to waste a perfectly good £125 bottle of Pinot Noir.

As well stated in the promotion leaflet that it was open to all dishes but when we got there we only told that we had a limited selection of 4 dishes to choose from. HUH?! WTF!?! We bit our lips and ordered away anyway.

For starters we ordered Telur Dadar which is an omelette with onion & chilli, as well as a Udang Goreng Tepung which is deep fried prawns in batter with sweet chili sauce. Well so so for the starters.

For mains we ordered Hainanese Chicken Rice (one of our mate’s usual favourite), Gulai Ayam which is chicken curry with tomato and potato and a Kari Kambing which is lamb curry with tomato and potato. Again similar to Melati Restaurant, the dishes were just not authentic at all. Both chicken curry and lamb curry was simply covered in oil. Hardly any curry at all. Though were told the chicken rice was ok.

We didn’t bother staying for desserts because of the bad customer service experience. All in all I give them 4 out of 10 for this evening.

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