Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What is the Economic Recession doing?

As you would expect from a country that has entered economic recession. With massive job losses everywhere, people are taking measures to retain/gain jobs. Pointing fingers at whose fault it is… Before you know it, the racist remarks come out and here is one loser that is making his stand on those that don’t speak his language.

There are going to be people in this country or any country for that matter that are either living or retiring that may have language barriers. Some learn and some don’t. But why is there a need to punish those that don’t speak your local language? Wouldn’t it be the same thing as you taking a holiday to a foreign country that doesn’t speak any English? What do you do then? Do you want to be treated the same way as that loser in the video? Come on… don’t be so arrogant that it clouds your judgement.

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